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Angry Robo Farmer

You are a Robot on a mission! This robot is a farmer and he decided to manage this farm on his own
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30 September 2008

Editor's review

Most of us must have seen the famous and smash hit Artificial Intelligence that premises on humanity becoming extinct and robots were established to perform the activities done by humans. This kind of a robot habitation storyline has been successfully applied to many hit motion pictures in Hollywood that were made with the help of large investments and often recover more for their curiosity value. These movies depict robots working all tasks done by humans such as eating, talking, thinking and even feeling. A new game that premises on robots existing without wanting the human factor around them shows how a robot tries to develop his farm with remaining human species surrounding him and forming roadblocks in his way of being a successful farmer.

Angry Robo Farmer upon launch opens with a graphical interface and main options are placed around right bottom pane. The intuitive interface facilitates easy navigation and playing modes and green field shown on the screen constitutes the robot’s field. This farmer robot wants to manage and control his farm on his own and considers human beings as outdated and hence must be done away with. The robot with his gun, dashes to road in search of every human in his surrounding and may encounter chicken and other living beings like cows and pigs, but the robot only concentrates on locating humans on the way. However, the humans have weapons too and would definitely retaliate; hence the idea is to enable the robot kill every human in sight to successfully eliminate them from land and peacefully manage his fields.

To sum up, Angry Robo Farmer 2.0 definitely assures effectual performance and adequate action to eliminate the unsolicited human species in sight and hence gets a rating score of three points for its user friendly navigation.

Publisher's description

You are a Robot on a mission! This robot is a farmer and he decided to manage this farm on his own. People are something absolutely obsolete and therefore they must be killed. Take your gun and hit the road in search for humans. You will be walking among chickens, stepping into mud left by pigs, passing herds of cows and you just won´t care. Your mission is clear - kill all people that cross your way. The thing becomes a bit complicated when you realize that people have weapons too and they won´t let you go ahead without punishment. There is where the action begins. Angry Robo Farmer is one darn attractive free action game to play.
Angry Robo Farmer
Angry Robo Farmer
Version 2.0
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